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Gan, carpet Canevas Geo - design Charlotte Lancelot

| Designbest editorial staff


o you remember granny’s old doilies? Well, you’re wrong thinking they’re ancient. In fact, oversized cross-stitch, placed in the middle of your living room, is the new must-have of winter.


  • What is it Canevas Geo by Gan is a carpet in cross-stitch.
  • What is special It pays tribute to traditional needlepoint: rather than being knotted by hand, it’s made in cross-stitch. Its asymmetric cut however is distinctly modern and for us, it’s this contamination of different styles and periods what makes the new seasonal must-have.
  • What is it Canevas Geo is made in cross-stitch in colourful woollen thread, woven on a perforated felt base. Its design that creates overlay effects with a weave in different densities as well as its asymmetric cut, appear as a combination of different pieces that you are able to combine with other similar carpets as if they were pieces of a puzzle. All the carpets are combined with cushions in three different colours: Grey, Green and Coral.
  • Who is it by Charlotte Lancelot is a Belgian designer born in 1980. Keen on taking the tradition to the future, Charlotte has a strong emotional attachment to the objects she loves being surrounded by, besides she makes a conscious effort to safeguard the environment as well as finding ways to improve people’s living conditions.
  • We have chosen it because… Canevas Geo by Gan looks like many different overlaid mats and this is perfect to add a fresh, young touch to your informal living room, as it has the right dynamic, contemporary flair. Although, it has a familiar aesthetic with the same magic of times gone by that brings to mind antique woven patterns and granny’s needlepoint. This is how past and present coexist in a present in impeccable style. Touché.


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