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Talenti, collection Casilda - design Ramón Esteve

| Designbest editorial staff


imple, understated and characterful. The latest furniture for outdoors has a formal aesthetic and represent and elegant addition.


  • What is it Casilda by Talenti, a new collection of outdoor furniture.
  • What is special A formal aesthetic and a simple elegant-style: a few "bold" features define this new steel collection for outdoors, ranging from tables to chairs and lamps. Decorative and characterful, a complete line of furniture that with its minimalism, furnishes in a versatile and chic way any space, immediately dictating a new style. It is no coincidence that it has been successful all over the world, from the Singapore Fair where it won the Best Exhibit Award at the ICF in New York in May 2019.
  • How is it made The collection includes chairs, armchairs, armchairs, modular sofas, beds, lamps, tables and tables in different sizes. All the pieces have a stainless steel structure painted in three different colours: mocha, white and gold. The seats and backs are supported by synthetic elastic belts designed for the outside (in the colours moka, black and gold, grey), while the covering is removable and resistant to atmospheric agents and is available in three colour variants (melange grey or white-beige, white and melange light grey). The tables have tops in iroko, titanium or silver travertine wood strips.
  • Who is it by The Spanish architect and creative genius Ramon Esteve opened his own studio, subsequently to graduating in 1990. His rational design focuses on simplicity and on projects that results from a process of synthesis (not simplification). His pieces are simple, understated, but with a strong character and an explicit intrinsic value.
  • We have chosen it because… this collection is composed by simple furniture, which through this simplicity express a great personality. Essential, but also versatile, rigorous, but sophisticated, together they furnish our outdoor space with a completely new style.


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