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lamp Cassette - design Daniel Rybakken

| Designbest editorial staff



an a lamp be discrete, theatrical, minimal and astonishing all at the same time? Sure, especially if it is made from brushstrokes of light and shadow that, with a few graphic features, create an abstract work like the one designed by Daniel Rybakken. Ethereal, dreamy and unexpectedly beautiful, the latest release from Luceplan puts the brand’s staples on display: beauty, functionality and innovation made in Italy.


  • What it is Cassette by Luceplan, the new wall or ceiling lamp
  • What makes it special With stripped-down graphics and absolute simplicity, this lamp interprets elegance with a few minimal elements without giving up on its uniqueness. From the slightly irregular circle to the unexpected interplay of light and shadow that toys with depth, the lamp is a unique contemporary piece of décor.
  • How it is made It is a wall lamp with direct light made up of a large and uniform illuminated surface, an extruded aluminum frame with opaque tones and an opal white light. The stripped-down and minimal structure plays with light and shadow and increases depth perception, providing various scenes both for when the lamp is on or off. Available with edge.lit technology and a 3000 or 2700K LED placed along the circle’s entire circumference, this lamp is available in four sizes for the wall or ceiling (also built-in).
  • Whose idea it is Daniel Rybakken, the Norwegian designer born in 1984 who graduated from the School of Arts & Crafts in Goteborg in Sweden with a Master’s of Fine Arts. In 2008 he opened his design studio in Oslo and Goteborg and since then has been collecting international awards. His work is made up of art and design, limited editions, artistic installations and prototypes for mass production.
  • We chose it because… Abstract, poetic, surprising and truly elegant, this lamp encloses all of the beauty of light in a minimal design with state-of-the-art technology.



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