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Carl Hansen & Søn, chair CH23

| Designbest editorial staff


hristened in 1950 with a series of initials, and since then it has become a real style icon, to such an extent that it’s still a key player on the international design scene.

CH23, one of four chairs to be designed by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son, has made the headlines again half a century after it first came onto the scene. Elegant, practical, timeless and with a cutting edge design; this iconic dining chair has many cards left to play. And this is essentially why Carl Hansen & Søn has brought it back into production.

Sophisticated yet durable; this seemingly simple chair has pushed the boundaries of conventional timber-framed construction and with its refined detailing has turned simplicity into sophisticated luxury. Lets linger for a moment on its ergonomic backrest, double-woven seat, arched back legs and visible cross-shaped joint between backrest and frame. In the fifties, these aspects represented real innovation and ground breaking manufacturing skills.

However, CH23’s selling point goes well and truly beyond its aesthetics. CH23 brings function and superior quality together; this is mainly because you can sit for hours on end without ever feeling tired, and it’s also perfect in the kitchen because it doesn’t take up much space at all. What’s more, CH23 re-edition faithfully reproduces Hans J. Wegner’s original hand drawn sketches. There has only been one slight alteration: the seat has2 cm higher, because the average height of a person has grown since 1950.

CH23 is a timeless chair which has stood the test of time. Plus, in either oak or walnut (or in a mix of both, various finishes available) with woven seat in black or natural rope, CH23 is still able to stand its ground against other traditional or more contemporary pieces. And once again, CH23 has proved to be an icon with a capital “I”.


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