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Antrax, radiator Chinook - design Francesco Lucchese

| Designbest editorial staff


spiral that climbs towards the top and creates necessary warmth, transforming a standard radiator into a modern sculpture that adds a personal touch to your décor. The must-have item for this winter? A modern take on the traditional totem pole.


  • What is it Chinook by Antrax, a column radiator with metallic discs.
  • What is special about it Its silhouette references the totem poles traditionally built by the Chinook people, the native Indian tribe that in addition, gave the name to the warm wind that originates from North American. This radiator is a veritable “sculpture of warmth”.
  • How is it made It’s composed by an aluminium tower that in turned is formed by metal discs that are assembled together with a 5-degree rotation.
  • Who is it by The Italian designer Francesco Lucchese identifies with the motto “look at the past to design the present with ideas that look towards the future”. Every project of his perfectly combines aesthetic, function and sensitivity (the type evoked by an object), besides the main ingredient is the sensorial activity generated by every project.
  • We have chosen it because…  Dynamic, scenic, totemic. Contemporary sculptures have nothing on this radiator, a practical and dramatic piece of furniture. For a stylish Christmas.
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