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De Castelli, collection Circle Wall - design R&D De Castelli

| Designbest editorial staff


etallic glare and perfect geometric shapes, relief patterns and shining nuances. What are we talking about? Of a new brass tile series (presented at Cersaie 2018) that adds a high-fashion touch.


  • What is it? Circle Wall by De Castelli is a tile series in brass.
  • What is special Circle Wall is a line of circular tiles (this is a novelty in itself) that are overlaid to create a special 3D decoration. As a result, this shiny, scaled skin adds a touch of sass to any home.
  • How is it made Circle Wall is a tile series composed by eight units in brass that are overlaid to create a special 3D effect. It plays with the nuances of glass: metal in a satin, oxidised or brushed finish combined to create a colour palette hat goes from gold to bronze and dark-brown too.
  • Who is it by The firm R&D by De Castelli specialises in iron and metal manufacture. Thanks to a strong craftsmanship tradition combined with an eye for innovative technology, throughout the years De Castelli has worked with important international architects, designers and landscape architects on a number of different projects that combine design, innovation and craftsmanship.
  • We have chosen it because‚Ķ Circle Wall by De Castelli is dramatic, sophisticated as well ornamental. So, Circle Wall is an extremely fashionable tile series.


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