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Arazzi Minimale, Matteo Brioni. Photo credit: Nathalie Krag.

| Designbest editorial staff


ith clay, Matteo Brioni reinterprets ancient tapestry making techniques, traditionally found on the walls of castles in Medieval times or in the residences of nobles during the Renaissance. Similarly to poetical wooden panelling that decorates the home with its understated presence, Arazzi, large three-dimensional paintings made in partnership with the architect Marialaura Rossiello, aims with its organic design, to bring back natural beauty and authentic materials, consequently creating original, one-of-a-kind pieces.

For Matteo Brioni, unbaked clay, the oldest construction material in the world that has represented an essential part of the industry for centuries, sums up the experience of four generations. Besides, it represents the traditional knowledge of the area that surrounds Mantua, accumulated in time and passed down from father to son. "The land is part of everyone's past," says Matteo Brioni, "but mine in particular. Growing up in Gonzaga, surrounded by history, fields and clay quarries, affects the choices you make (...)".

  • What is it  Arazzi is a modular wall surface system manufactured by Matteo Brioni, composed by one-of-a-kind pieces that are fitted onto the wall.
  • What is special  In clay, it reproduces wooden panelling, an idea that takes the form of a three-dimensional painting in a sole material. Thanks a line of mass-produced, one-of-a-kind pieces, you are able to mount Arazzi in endless ways to suit your space requirements.
  • How is it made  The surfaces of the modular Arazzi system are covered in a clay plaster. They resemble authentic looms, wooden frames on which clay is woven thanks to the manual skill of expert fitters. In addition to the material and sensory qualities, the energy and technical properties of the acoustic and thermal insulation as well as the natural transpiration of the earth improve the microclimate of the interior. The surfaces are available in different styles: Minimale, Scultoreo, Classico, Eclettico and Contemporaneo.
  • Who is it by  Arazzi is a project by Studio Irvine and the architect Marialaura Rossiello Irvine, in her dual role as the art director of the brand Matteo Brioni and the head of the design studio established in 1988 in Milan by her husband James Irvine (1958-2013). Devoted to a design method inspired by an attention to ethics as well as to the people involved (from customers to technicians, workers and consumers), Marialaura Rossiello follows an ever-changing path, although firmly rooted in the Italian design tradition.
  • We have chosen it because…  Helped by the beauty of an exceptional material such as clay, Arazzi convey a sense of well-being and delicately stimulate sincere emotion that deep down binds us to the land. 


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