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Cloud bookcase by Cappellini

| Designbest editorial staff


would like to go back, and this is a political and ethical choice as well, to the origins of our work, doing things by hand (…)”. That’s what Erwan Bouroullec said in an interview, the younger brother of the duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, an award-winning design studio, much loved by experts and enthusiasts.
Perhaps this was the decisive premise for setting to work after 14 years on one of Cappellini's bestselling pieces, the iconic Cloud bookcase, famous for its distinctive cloud shape and perforated honeycomb-like structure. Originally manufactured in 2004 in white polyethylene and made with a rotational moulding technique, it’s currently re-issued in a refined version in wood. The new Wooden Cloud is the result of superior joinery, a fully-fledged sculptural work. And “craftsmanship” is one of Giulio Cappellini’s favourite keywords as well, the most skilled talent scout on the international design scene, who has discovered talents the calibre of Jasper Morrison and Tom Dixon, who have risen to world fame thanks to his infallible sixth sense.

Giulio Cappellini spots the Bouroullec brothers at the Salone del Mobile in 1997, where they presented the prototype “Cuisine Désintégrée” (disintegrated kitchen) and, with no hesitation, he decides to assign them a project. This would be the Bouroulllec brothers’ first industrial design job. After a futuristic bed (Lit Clos) and a refined armchair (Spring), in 2004 it’s the turn of the Cloud bookcase. Composed by modular parts that you assemble in different combinations, Cloud is inspired by the organic shapes in the natural environment, a unique characteristic of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s poetic and reflective design, intrinsically linked to the nature of their homeland, the wild and spectacular Brittany.
Eight circular shelves perforate the bookcase creating a honeycomb-like structure, making the design of this "micro architecture" unique and extraordinarily recognizable in the world of bookshelves and partitions (Cloud is double-sided).

The new Wooden Cloud version in available in veneered wood, bleached ash or rosewood. Here, the iconic design is combined with the superior Italian craftsmanship, enhancing its geometrical precision as well as the poetry of its organic silhouette. From modern icon to collector's item destined to last in time.  

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