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Martinelli Luce, Colibrì Q lamp - design Emiliana Martinelli

| Designbest editorial staff


right squares and rectangles pursue one another and overlap in an evocative graphic interplay. Here is Emiliana Martinelli’s idea for a modular system that gives form to light and consistently creates original atmospheres.


  • What it is Colobrì Q by Martinelli Luce, the modular pendant lighting system.
  • What makes it special It is a freely modular system that allows us to design a space with light by creating linear or three-dimensional compositions and unexpected visuals on the wall or ceiling.
  • How it is made It is a modular pendant system made up of linear and adjustable lighting modules made out of painted aluminum tubes in various dimensions. The diffusor is opal white polycarbonate and the light source is LED. The modules are coupled with a 90° joint that allows for the creation of various square and rectangular compositions, as well as two and three-dimensional free solutions.
  • Whose idea it is Emiliana Martinelli, the architect and designer born in 1949 who leads the family business as designer and art director. Her sources of inspirations have always been nature, colors, shadows and geometric forms. In addition to developing projects for her brand, she collaborates with external architects and designers and has participated in various Italian collective exhibitions.
  • We chose it because… The idea is simple, the design minimal, and yet the possibilities are endless. This system gives us a world of decorative graphic elements we can use how and where we want in order to create bright and striking scenes.



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