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| Designbest editorial staff


his time, the inexhaustible desire to experiment of Andrea Galimberti, the founding member of Nodus, an exceptional brand of superior quality handmade carpets, has bewitched us with a carpet that captures the joy of life as well as the playful, out of the ordinary, simplicity of the top designers Fernando and Humberto Campana.
“The Collana carpet mixes wool and wood to create a tension between different materials and their genetic makeup. Inspired by necklaces and bracelets, the ornament departs from the body to decorate the home, on a larger and flatter scale.” (Fernando e Humberto Campana). 

  • What is it  Collana is a carpet by Nodus.
  • What is special   Its design resembles a flower garland that frames the floor, rather than covering it as you would expect from a standard carpet.
  • How is it made  Collana is a 10 millimetre-high, hand tufted, woollen carpet. It’s made according to an extremely popular technique from India (the carpet’s country of origin). The craftsman places, either manually or with the help of a mechanical tool, without knotting the yarn, every single thread on a purposely made structure, until he has reproduced the entire pattern of the carpet. Tiny wooden sticks (in the centre of the flower of the rings). are placed, in a radial pattern, along the outline of every corolla. 250 x 250 cm, it’s made to order in any size and colour.
  • Who is it by  Collana is a project by the Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, the first one is an architect and the second trained as a lawyer, who in 1983 started the renowned design studio Estudio Campana in Sao Paulo. With their design research, Fernando and Humberto reinvent the most common materials, transforming them with their inexhaustible creative force, colourful and full of joy, and with careful craftsmanship, into surprising design objects with a precious effect. Collana is the ninth carpet designed by the Campana brothers for Nodus...
  • We have chosen it because…  Rather than a carpet, it’s a large jewel laid on the floor. With its disruptive scenic force, it frames a group of seats or a round dining table, transforming the area it encloses into the most magical space in your house. It would not come as a surprise however, to find this beautiful, huge flower necklace hanging on the wall as a work of art with infectious joy.


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