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Collection Realstone Navigli, Ceramiche Ragno.

| Designbest editorial staff


n Milanese dialect the word “cepp” means “rock with pebbles”.  Ancient (going back to the Romans) in name and use, it was once extracted from the high Lombard plain, especially along the Adda and the Brembo rivers, where it reached Milan through the Navigli. In the 20th century, extraction moved to the banks of Lake Iseo where the so-called “cultivation” of the famous Ceppo di Gré began—a stone resistant to the cold, acids and salts that does not crumble but actually is strengthened over time. In vogue in alternating architectonic periods, now with the development of innovative technologies it is going through a new golden age. An historic Italian brand of Italian ceramics that focuses on research and development, but also on tradition and creativity, is revaluating its beauty and transforming it into a functional and innovative covering. We went to take an early look at what this innovation is all about it.


  • What it is  Realstone Navigli, a collection of porcelain stoneware tiles made by Ragno with the new StepWise™ technology.
  • What makes it special  Realstone Navigli is inspired by the ceppo mixture, the cementitious conglomerate produced by the crushing of materials deriving from Ceppo di Gré quarries mixed with Portland cement and water. The result is a fine-grained slab with a soft and silky surface to which various stones of irregular dimensions and shades of natural colors get added.
  • How it is made  The Realstone Navigli collection is made in porcelain stoneware, the material for tiles and slabs obtained from the raw materials  which are most resistant to impacts, chemical products, wear, scratches or abrasions. The new StepWise™ technology gets added to the quality of porcelain stoneware, making the surface non-slip. It is a complex production process that regards every manufacturing phase (not only the finishing) in order to achieve a “high dynamic friction coefficient” that prevents slipping. Upkeep is simple. Water and mild detergent are sufficient to sanitize it. Realstone Navigli is made in two colors: gray and natural. There are four rectified formats (75×150 cm, 75×75 cm, 60×60 cm e 30×60 cm). Two mosaics complete the collection: a classic one (30×30 cm) with 5mm pieces and one with an architectonic 3D effect.
  • Whose idea it is  Realstone Navigli is the result of the continual research of the Ragno brand. Founded seventy years ago in the Sassuolo ceramic district, Ragno stands out for its attention to interior design in the domestic world and the development of modular and flexible solutions in a constant dialogue with design professionals.
  • We chose it because…  Realstone Navigli transforms the “cepp”, a resistant material with an almost surly character made for flooring and outdoor covering, into an alternative surface for the interiors. It allows us also to create solutions of visual continuity between the indoors and outdoors that lets spaces breathe. Its tough personality isn’t lost, but the space acquires an unexpected natural elegance with an unmistakable character.



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