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Kitchen Combine Evolution, design Piero Lissoni 2020, Boffi Kitchens.

| Designbest editorial staff


t is almost tradition that every year its models get refined, perfected and enhanced. Its designer jokingly explains that a new generation of frames comes out as if it were Formula 1 car. There are new functions, a new series of structures, new materials and different assemblies for a kitchen model with an innovative spirit, presented by one of the most well-known high-end kitchen producers. We went to take an early look up-close at the new elements proposed by this top team.

  • What it is  Combine Evolution, the evolution of the kitchen model Combine by Boffi Kitchens.
  • What makes it special  It is without a doubt a modular system, but in the case of the Combine kitchen we are speaking about composing entire monoblocks that are defined by use rather than single storage elements. Combine Evolution 2020 enhances the two original blocks, the cooking and washing one and the supplementary preparation one, with a series of new solutions that transform it into a complete kitchen including, but not only, an original dining area.
  • How it is made  The first new addition of Combine Evolution is the integration of the dining area with the working part of the kitchen island. The two original monoblocks can now be connected to a new element: an open metallic structure with solid wooden drawers that accommodates the large, solid wooden slat snack table. A suspended bar with an LED light gets added onto the preparation block along with a double shelf, also with a bar for ladles and an LED that lights up the working area. An elegant wall of columns equipped for storage completes the latest additions to the new version.
  • Whose idea it is  The Combine kitchen and its 2020 evolution is a project by Piero Lissoni, the multi-talented Milanese architect who founded the studio Lissoni Associati with Nicoletta Canesi in 1986, a multidisciplinary operation that develops architectural, interior, industrial design, graphic design and communication design projects at its locations in Milan and New York. It has been thirty-four years of work, success and prizes characterized by a minimal, austere, meticulous and functional style which has always looked beyond passing trends.
  • We chose it because…  Combine Evolution is a sort of hybrid that combines the kitchen island with the classic compact kitchen. Its working monoblocks with the specific functions separated (cooking, washing, preparation) get positioned at the center of the room and freely combined. They can be compact, expanded and also connected for a three-dimensional whole with a pure and abstract character at the service of functionality.



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