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Pellington Design, panel Confetti

| Designbest editorial staff


olourful, functional and most importantly, it can be customized; this is Confetti Shelf by Pellington Design. You can mix and match colours, move shelves around and when you fancy a change: take it all down and start all over again.

  • What is it? Confetti Shelf by Pellington Design is a modular panel.
  • What is special about it? Confetti Shelf is graphic, bright, young and extremely functional. You can assemble it as you wish, you can mix and match colours, which is simply done by swapping tiles and you can even move shelves around. This is exactly how Confetti Shelf becomes a highly versatile piece with a thousand different uses.
  • How is it made? MDF board, tiles in ABS plastic and shelves in acrylic plastic. All components are modular: customize your own mosaic by swapping tiles and shelves around. Confetti Shelf measures 43 x77 cm and is available in 5 different styles and in a choice of various colour combinations.
  • Who is it by? Pellington Design is a new young design studio, located in Stockholm, Sweden. This product wants to challenge its prospective customers, it wants to turn each and every one of us into budding designers. In fact, Confetti Shelf satisfies all your needs, while offering comfort and functionality.
  • We have chosen it because‚Ķ Confetti Shelf adds instant cheer, a much needed pop of colour and furthermore, it encourages you to tidy up. Coffetti Shelf looks funky in your kids' room, is practical in your kitchen and helps to keep your hall and study looking tidy and fresh. And when you feel like a change, you can take it all down and start all over again.
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