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Copycat by Flos, the spherical lamp

| Designbest editorial staff


opycat by Flos is a table lamp. Copycat has a simple structure made from two spheres, which rub against and are supported by each other. This is a simple concept, yet one of great visual impact. And this is exactly why we like this lamp.

  • What is it? Copycat by Flos is a table lamp with diffuse light.
  • What is special about it? This is a simple, pure and poetical piece. It’s constructed from two spheres, which rub against each other; this results in a captivating game of light and shadows. You are captivated at by the balance between form, aesthetics and functionality. And we cannot deny that the overall effect is simple and perfect.
  • How is it made? Copycat is constructed from a large sphere in blown glass (30 cm in diameter) and a smaller aluminium sphere (8,8 cm in diameter), which is in turn electroplated in 24 karat gold. The second sphere has built-in led technology; this reflects light coming from the first. Light switch on the electric cable.
  • Who is it by? Originally from Cyprus,designer Michael Anastassiades is now based in London. His chief focus is lighting design, bringing industrial design, sculpture and decorative arts together. All of his pieces have simple aesthetics, while being shiny and dramatic; this is the result of careful engineering.
  • We have chosen it because... This geometric purity is a clear reference to minimalism. However, Cpycat is not a conventional piece, able to capture our attention and astound us with a dreamy vibe. 
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