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Magis, Costume sofa system - design Stefan Diez

| Designbest editorial staff


odular, completely recyclable and recycled, dedicated to comfort and the environment, Costume is the sofa collection designed by Stefan Diez for Magis, in an ode to pure relaxation. In just one fell swoop it revolutionizes the concept of contemporary seating, turning design and luxury on their heads, and improves upon the requirements of ergonomics with a visionary and practical eye on tomorrow.

In a collaboration between the Veneto brand and the German designer comes a sofa with a completely innovative structure. Made in 4-mm thick recycled and recyclable polyethylene, the Costume modular sofa is covered in three types of fabrics which can be easily removed thanks to the special elastic hooks on its base. The concept is as simple as it is brilliant: a single module than can be accessorized with armrests that fold inside it or an ottoman which can be endlessly combined with other similar modules (attached with plastic connectors which come in three colors) to create ever-changing compositions.

Most of all, its philosophy promotes a conscious (and sustainable) use of materials. The material used is recovered from industrial waste from the furniture and automobile industries, while the backrest and seat are padded with an insert made of a pocket spring covered by a thin layer of polyurethane foam. This means less foam gets used compared to traditional sofas and more recycled materials get easily incorporated. Additionally, the project is built around the concept of system optimization: just four elements (the seat module, the armrests, the ottoman, and the plastic connectors) are able create countless compositions that push contemporary style to respond to the latest in home design style, with original and timeless versatility.




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