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Coupé by Oluce, the iconic lamp wins the 2016 Design Award

| Designbest editorial staff


he 2016 Best Reissue Design Award was given to the iconic lamp by Joe Colombo or to be more precise, to its wall-mounted rendition Coupé 1159/R. Coupé 1159/R is an extremely elegant piece with a timeless sixties charm, as well as a modern appeal, typical of a truly winning design.

  • What is special about it? Coupé 1159/R is a new wall lamp, rendition of sixties’ design icon Coupé 3320/R. However, this is a space-saving version: you can hang it on the wall and it stretches over your dinner table, your reading corner or even your writing desk. Coupé 1159/R is part of the Coupé family, which now includes floor lamp, table lamp and wall lamp.
  • How is it made? Frame in metal and aluminum, semi-cylindrical metal shade with a baked-enamel finish. A joint in black plastic adjusts incline, rotation and height. And a double-jointed pivot in white, mounts it to the wall.
  • Who is it by? The original Coupé 3320/R lamp was designed by Joe Colombo, one of the most important Italian designers of all times. Unfortunately, he died early on in his life in 1971. Joe Colombo is a ground-breaking designer, he tried to find alternatives to nostalgic design, interested in clever technology and with an eye towards the future. His legacy are timeless pieces, destined to outlive any fad or fashion.
  • We have chosen it because… Coupé 1159/R is extremely current, as well as having the same charm of a retro piece. And its sophisticated aesthetics are suitable for any room in the home. Without a doubt, Coupé 1159/R will become the focal point of any setting.
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