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Unopiù, Crest system - design Stefano Boeri e Giorgio Donà

| Designbest editorial staff


tefano Boeri and Giorgio Donà have designed Crest: The Outdoor Landscape System, the new project introduced by Unopiù on the occasion of the Milano Design Week 2022. Modular and highly versatile, Crest has drawn inspiration from the lines of natural landscapes to redesign outdoor spaces, so you can experience classic indoor activities while outdoors and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

In fact, Crest creates new home design solutions by integrating everyday activities which usually take place inside the home into a modular furniture system made for our wellbeing. This project fosters working, hosting friends, relaxing with the family, eating and even cooking while immersed in nature. The modular system furnishes the garden, outdoor seating area and terrace with chairs, chaise longues, tables and washbasins in order to create custom open-air “rooms”. Crest is made up of three main materials: fabric, Okumè wood (a fine wood with high water-resistance) and 100% recyclable brushed stainless steel, which are all perfect for guaranteeing durability over time. Urban living and country living meet in this new world which blends the indoors and outdoors to turn the new requirements of open-air living into a brand-new and comfortable interpretation of contemporary home design.



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