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Foscarini, lamp Cri Cri - design Studio Natural


| Designbest editorial staff


ot weather is officially here and our longing to spend time outdoors grows by the minute. As long as we have the perfect mood. Hey presto: with Cri Cri, the portable, foldable lamp by Foscarini, we can finally have that picnic date.


  • What is it? Cri Cri by Foscarini, is a foldable, wireless lamp for the outdoors.
  • What is special about it? This wireless lamp folds like a concertina as well as being especially designed for the outdoors. Cri Cri is the perfect companion for our evenings spent outdoors.
  • How is it made? Cri Cri is wireless lamp, it has a silicone body that folds like a concertina and is fitted with Led technology. Its light intensity can be adjusted with three different settings, it has a rechargeable battery and a practical handle so you can hang it and carry it with great ease. You can recharge it by placing it on its base, which has an integrated induction system or alternatively, you can plug it in a socket, computer or a battery pack through your USB port.
  • Who is it by? Studio Natural is a multidisciplinary practice started in 2012 by Alessandro Paoletti and Marco De Santi in Tuscany. Studio Natural has won several coveted international awards and from 2016 it has a new office in Spain as well. Studio Natural’s work includes product design, graphic communication and art direction.
  • We have chosen it because… Tiny, compact and practical: carry Cri Cri by Foscarini always with you, perfect for impromptu drinks on the terrace, a picnic under a starry sky, a date by the sea... Fill every moment with magic with Cri Cri by Foscarini.


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