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Marazzi, collection Crogiolo Lume

| Designbest editorial staff


ove for authentic ceramics has once again brought Marazzi, the sector’s leading brand, to recreate those lost artisanal techniques with the latest technologies. The new collection of the Crogiolo line, introduced last year, comes from this intense passion. Lume, one of four premiering in 2020, stands out for its perfect combination of research, innovation and tradition.


  • What it is Crogiolo Lume by Marazzi, the new version of the artisanal majolica bricks.
  • What makes it special Lume is the perfect reinterpretation of handmade majolica bricks in porcelain stoneware, a journey to the past with imperfect and unique artisanal beauty that derives from handmade ceramics. This time they come in an original look: the new 6x24 cm format is enhanced by a glossy industrial finish that focuses on marks, irregularities, dots and chromatic variations in order to create unique pieces.
  • How it is made Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and in-depth research into glazes and color, Lume reinterprets the beauty and uniqueness of majolica bricks from long ago with porcelain stoneware. Marks, irregularities, dots, chromatic and graphical variations become the strengths which are to be emphasized and highlighted in order to make each piece and each wall composition unique. The debut format (6x24 cm) introduces extremely straight borders that allow for seamless laying, making this collection markedly contemporary. Lume is available in 6 colors (White, Black, Green, Blue, Musk and Greige) and can be used in both residential and contract spaces. Floor laying is preferred for private spaces with low foot traffic.
  • Whose idea it is Marazzi, the Italian brand that stands out in the ceramic sector thanks to its continual research aimed at bringing back the beauty and authenticity of artisanal and traditional ceramics. The handmade style of the Crogiolo collection derives from this. It is a result of a meeting between artisanal knowhow and industrial technology, aesthetic research and a return to the senses and the mark of man.
  • We chose it because… This collection has a story to tell and with its purposefully imperfect and rare beauty it takes us back to memories of the past, in an antique and enveloping atmosphere that reawakens every emotion with its artisanal look. Each composition brings its space alive with a unique style that goes beyond today’s passing trends.



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