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Höfats for Moroni Gomma, barbecue Cube

| Designbest editorial staff


tool, side table, barbecue and fireplace; this is Cube by Höfats for Moroni Gomma. Cube by Höfats is a multipurpose piece, which adapts to your life outdoors. Plus, it provides necessary warmth during those chilly nights.

  • What is it? Cube by Höfats is a multipurpose portable barbecue.
  • What is special about it? This multipurpose cube goes from barbecue, to brazier and from outdoor stool to side table. Cube is lightweight and easy to move around, you can use it wherever you want and you can turn it off just by turning it on itself. Plus, Cube by Höfats received the Red Dot Award 2016 and the German Design Award 2017.
  • How is it made? Powder coated steel frame in black or rust, brazier in stainless steel, top in bamboo and portable grill.  
  • Who is it by? German brand Höfats is a leader in the field of grills and barbecues, best known for the superior quality and durability of its products. Set up in 2014 by engineers Thomas Kaiser and Christian Wassermann, Höfats brings together cutting edge design, engineering and top quality materials.
  • We have chosen it because… Cube by Höfats is perfect as an outdoor side table or stool, and it’s also ideal for impromptu barbecues with friends. Plus, you just need to turn it on and hey presto, a fireplace, perfect for warming up those chilly nights. Nothing beats Cube by Höfats!



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