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Riflessi, Cubric storage - design Riflessi LAB

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a metallic glare, diamond cuts, and a custom special-effect design, this sideboard is a symbol of new contemporary style in a perfect mix of functionality, craftsmanship and pure innovation.


  • What it is Cubric by Riflessi, the metallic sideboard.
  • What makes it special It reinterprets the craftsmanship in the inlaying and transforms it into a futuristic diamond-shaped pattern. As in classic sideboards, it has a wooden structure, but there are hand-folded, brightly painted steel doors that provide an unexpected and extremely contemporary look.
  • How it is made It is a sideboard with three hinged doors and top and structure in wood  in various colours, glossy or matte lacquered white, or ceramic with five finishes. The doors are made in diamond-shaped artisanally folded steel which are painted in various colors: white, RAL, graphite, brass, pink gold, cobalt or glossy titanium. The collection is completed by the Cubric Quadrotto sideboard.
  • Whose idea it is Riflessi, the Italian company who has always focused on a balance between aesthetics, function and craftsmanship, with an eye on innovation in quality. A brand strictly Made In Italy, Riflessi continually invests in research into new materials and technologies, especially focusing on recovering and promoting ancient artisanal techniques and a “locally sourced” philosophy with a network of specialized local suppliers.
  • We chose it because…It offers an original reinterpretation of the classic wooden sideboard by focusing on the quality of the Made-In-Italy manufacturing, combining contrasting materials in order to dust off the appeal of tradition and project us into the impeccable style of tomorrow.



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