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Duravit, D-Neo Collection - design Bertrand Lejoly

| Designbest editorial staff


uravit’s new proposal for 2021 is a complete bathroom which uses a youthful and minimal language to create absolute wellness and tranquility with discrete and clean design, optimal quality, and flexibility within everyone’s reach.


  • What it is D-Neo by Duravit, the new and complete bathroom series with a youthful look.
  • What makes it special With youthful design, excellent quality, optimal versatility and accessible pricing, this complete bathroom series plays with discrete elements, neutral and bright colors, asymmetric solutions and slim borders with a single common thread: endless wellness. Indeed, what results is a bathroom with a fresh look that goes beyond trends and exudes balance, calm and comfort.
  • How it is made It is a complete bathroom collection that includes fixtures, taps and furniture. It is made up of every type of washbasin (recessed, built-in, handrinse, oval and round ones), asymmetric vanity units with lateral countertops, Duravit Rimless® toilets also available with antibacterial HygieneGlaze and matching bidets. The highlight of the collection is the freestanding bathtub in DuraSolid® with a velvety finish which is also perfect for smaller bathrooms (at just 160cm), along with the built-in bathtub in sanitary acrylic with a sloped backrest in five sizes (from 150x75 to 180x80 cm), also as a whirlpool with six lateral jets. There is no lack of various-sized furniture (from 41 or 140cm) in three new bi-laminated wood looks and 13 finishes and an ergonomic nero diamante handle which can be matched to rounded mirrors of the Luce series and LED universal mirrors. Lastly, all the fixtures are accessorized with taps with simple geometric lines and thin, vertically-placed handles and the choice of mixer taps with the special FreshStart function for energy savings.
  • Whose idea it is Bertrand Lejoly, the Belgian designer with a noted talent for interior design. His clean and fresh style can be summed up as “refined simplicity”. With this project he perfectly interprets Duravit’s philosophy, which has always focused on design and technology aimed at creating a completely comfortable bathroom.
  • We chose it because… This collection has infinite possibilities and is available to everyone as it allows one to freely combine each element to create a customized bathroom without spending a fortune or making compromises when it comes to style and quality.



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