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Listone Giordano, parquet Decking ash tree

| Designbest editorial staff


istone Giordano has always been synonymous with the culture of wood and high-quality flooring. Since 1984 this Italian brand has gone beyond the confines of traditional hardwood flooring, ushering in a new era of interior design that places nature front and center. In 2020 it continues its push towards innovation and sustainability in two brand new collections made expressively for the outdoors, Decking and Marine—two proposals that blend refinement, practicality and design that is always in step with nature.


  • What they are Decking and Marine, the new outdoor collections.
  • What makes them special Made exclusively for the outdoors, they have been designed with special systems and natural treatments that have perfected all the indispensable feautres for staying outdoors—resistance to atmospheric agents and humidity, durability, non-slip details and maximum versatility. All while highlighting the natural beauty of the strictly sustainable and certified, high-quality wood for decorating the garden, terrace, veranda and even poolside in impeccable style.
  • How they are made Both collections were made starting from an exclusive selection of the finest high-resistant wood coming from sustainably managed certified forests—from ash to teak and the South American wood Ipé. Practical and versatile, they can be used for covering any outdoor area like gardens, terraces, veranda or poolsides. All of the selected wood gets produced with convex profiles that favor water runoff making the surface less slippery, more pleasant for walking and more stable without plank warping. Additionally, the wood of the Outdoor collections has 25-year durability and is equipped with the innovative Outnature finish, whose natural oil base makes the wood highly resistant, avoiding humidity, cracks and aging and maintaining its natural color for many years.
  • Decking is made up of a raised structured formed by planks attached to an aluminum substructure. The trademarked Clip JuAn® fixing system ensures for quick laying times (even on the walls). By allowing air circulation under the planks it preserves the wood for many years, in addition to easing maintenance and cleaning and the replacement of one or more planks without visible screws.
  • On the other hand, Marine is a real and true double glued-down hardwood floor. Made for the outdoors, it uses a series of copyrighted technologies and birch support.
  • Whose idea it is Listone Giordano—the Italian company founded in the 1980s, but whose history and culture in wood goes back to 1870, which has allowed it to quickly become a reference point in the high-quality flooring and wood cladding sector. The continual push towards innovation and, most of all, the obsessive attention to the environment has always brought Listone Giordano to aim towards absolute quality and total sustainability. They only choose the best certified raw materials coming exclusively from sustainably managed forests, and they utilize state-of-the-art technology to make the wood look even more alive.
  • We chose them because…  Nature, sustainability, craftsmanship and refined aesthetics. Their projects include all the elements that make a designer project with a capital “D”. And, most of all, they include the unique ability of highlighting all the natural aspects of a living and vibrant material like wood through hidden but advanced technology.


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