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Nodus, carpet Disappearing Spectrum, design Clémentine Chambon

| Designbest editorial staff


uggestions of night-time landscapes bring about excellently manufactured textile weaves and knot together a vibrant carpet in a perfect union of tradition, art and contemporary design.


  • What is it Disappearing Spectrum by Nodus, the designer woolen carpet.
  • What is special It’s more a work of art than a carpet, one able to combine the oldest knowledge of textile art with the imaginative and innovative vision of design. Indeed, this woolen “square” is completely knotted by hand according to ancient traditions, but gives us an original artistic interpretation of a night-time landscape.
  • How is it made It is a 10 mm-high woolen carpet, hand-woven knot by knot by expert Indian weavers. It measures 210x215, but is available in any size requested.
  • Who is it by Clémentine Chambon, French interior designer and architect, class of 1979. Always driven towards innovation and experimentation in technique and materials, she made her entrance into the world of design furniture in 2014 and has since collaborated with the sector’s biggest brands. In 2008 she cofounded Design Percept where she created innovative and visionary projects until 2018, and in 2019 went on to inaugurate her own personal studio in Paris.
  • We have chosen it because… This carpet brings out the magic of the night and its reflections by drawing vibrant and colorful strokes on the floor, even going outside the lines, in order to inject the entire room with explosive energy.


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