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Eau de Lumière by Designheure, the glamorous lamps

| Designbest editorial staff


his collection of lamps has a minimalist design combined with striking individuality. Inspired by high fashion, these lamps are a clear reference to the charm of luxury perfume. The result? Real “light” sculptures to be used as trendy accessories for your house.

  • What is it?  Eau de Lumiére is a collection of textile lamps fitted with LEDs. 
  • What’s special about it? Its sophisticated and minimalist look is inspired by the glamorous world of perfumes, this style is truly chic. In fact, the Eau de Lumière lamps are manufactured using refined, handmade fabrics just like a tailored suit. In fact, the lamp's silhouette resembles a perfume bottle, a light  “for Her” and “for Him”. Available in different shapes and versions, including pendant, free-standing and wall-mounted models.  
  •  How is it made? All lamps use LEDs and combine high-end fabrics with innovative materials, such as Carrara marble and oak wood. With an aluminium frame, the inside of the lamps comes in various colours with retro-lighting creating interesting contrasts of lights. All lamps are handmade.
  •  Who is it by? Davide Oppizzi, a Swiss designer and owner of the DCUBE studio. He is a truly versatile designer, his production ranges from furnishings to jewellery, and from cosmetics to lighting design.  His style is inspired by industrial design while keeping an eye on sustainability and material research.  Often inspired by nature, Davide Oppizzi’s mission is to spread his passion for design to his students and the whole world.
  • We have chosen it because…. This is an ironic collection with a chic flair. Each piece has clean lines, a real decoration wherever you are. Its style is so dramatic that it resembles a small sculpture, which will turn every space into a stage. 
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