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| Designbest editorial staff


xclusively patented by Eclisse as well as a special request of Luigi Faveri, the visionary thinker who established the iconic firm in Pieve di Soligo (Treviso), the new collection of internal door frames is inspired by a bygone era, more precisely by antique splayed windows, made to channel as much light as possible into a room. With this new feature, the company continues its thirty-year-long quest for top quality products. The novelty aspect of Eclisse 40 lies in the fact that it’s the door frame that simply invites you in, rather than the wall itself, a pleasing matter for architects. Up until now, Eclisse was known for manufacturing products that were aimed at making doors imperceptible, however the current frame was especially created to enhance its overall beauty. 

  • What is it Eclisse 40 Collection is a collection of internal door frames, manufactured by Eclisse.
  • What is special One of the sides of the door frame is tilted by 40 degrees (hence the name Eclipse 40) and a result, it reflects light that varies constantly. With its meticulous and minimal design, it creates an effect of depth perception that frames the door and invites you to cross its threshold.
  • How is it made On one side of the door, the frame has a 40 degree tilt and on the other, it’s flush to the wall. Its structure is suitable for masonry as well as plasterboard walls. It’s available with either one or two doors in different widths and heights with either a push or a pull front. You are able to mount the door flush to the ceiling without an upper crossbar and as a result, it’s entirely integrated between the floor and the ceiling. Made of anodized aluminium, a treatment that protects the structure and prevents the material’s wear and tear, the frame is available in light bronze, dark bronze, graphite or in an untreated version suitable for painting or upholstery. The special handle 40+uno, made from a single solid brass ingot and available in four different finishes, was designed by a team of designers composed by Ponzelli and Valentini in collaboration with Mandelli 1953.
  • Who is it by  Eclisse 40 Collection is a project by Lorenzo Ponzelli and Francesco Valentini, a creative team that was formed in 2018 by combining the experiences of an architect and an account manager with a passion for art and design. Long-time friends, combining the creativity of the first and the knowledge of the market of the second, has led to the creation of a creative hub with a comprehensive understanding of the product.
  • We have chosen it because… For the first time in history, a door frame is transformed in a beautiful object. Archetype of the threshold, its understated and elegant design is an invitation to cross doors and overcome barriers. This new collection has recently been presented in the Eclisse showroom in Milan and here, put on display in an authentic setting, we are able to envisage how Eclisse 40 might look in our homes…and as a result, we are bewitched by it.


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