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Alias, Eleven High Desk - design PearsonLloyd

| Designbest editorial staff


n these times of teleworking, we are all in search of the perfect workstation that allows us to comfortably work from home in complete concentration. Well, we have found the perfect one. Created for the contract sector, it is large, minimal and comes with sound-absorbing panels that guarantee perfect privacy in every situation.

  • What it is Eleven High desk by Alias, the new desk for total privacy.
  • What makes it special It focuses completely on functionality without any bells and whistles. Indeed, the height-adjustable top is framed by large fabric-covered panels that reduce noise and guarantee absolute privacy so we can work in peace.
  • How it is made It is a desk with a veneered MDF oak top, fixed or adjustable in height, with cast aluminum legs and a steel frame. The panels that frame the top are available in two heights (107 and 137 cm) and are covered in fabric.
  • Whose idea it is Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, designers and owners of the studio (founded in 1997) that bears their names. Considered one of the main studios on the contemporary English design scene, PearsonLloyd studio’s work ranges from furniture to brand development and has received various international awards.
  • We chose it because… It is a desk made for the contract sector, but can be useful for organizing our personal and efficient home office, as it is minimal, large and distraction-proof.



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