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Radiator Eve, design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba 2018, Tubes.

| Designbest editorial staff

For Christmas I’d like to lie down on the sofa for a bit with a good book in my lap, a glass of my favorite wine on a table next to me and be enveloped by the warmth of a small heater nearby…” Who wouldn’t sign this letter to Santa?

The wine and book are easy to take care of, but how can we bring the warmth the hopeful one on the sofa yearns for in this peaceful and serene Christmas scene? Leave the sofa where it is and bring the warmth where it is requested. What is needed is a nomadic radiator, one that follows us everywhere, bringing its heating effect along with it. A beautiful and elegant object that can worthily be placed in the middle of the living room, perhaps one that could give off a bit of light to make the atmosphere truly relaxing and romantic. 



Eve by Tubes was conceived exactly in this way while being imagined by its two exceptional designers, the couple Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. A freestanding radiator, it has an almost spherical form and minimalist design that emits a breath of warm air at 360 degrees and lets off a delicate and suffused light from its base. Inspired by the world of sci-fi, one where benevolent aliens come down from the sky to help us, Eve is a glowing nomadic sphere, an incredibly pleasant source of heat and light that follows us throughout the home, from the shower to the sofa.   



We can’t hang it from the tree; however, it would fit perfectly underneath it and will be especially noticed if it is covered in gold. As its famous designers say:
“Although it tries to be discreet and hide under a table, near a sofa or at the foot of the bed, Eve is unable to avoid being the highlight of the room (…)”.


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