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Listone Giordano, parquet Fabrique Natural Genius - design Marc Sadler

| Designbest editorial staff


type of wooden floor that have revolutionised the world of parquet flooring. This is Marc Sadler’s new project: inspired by the natural essence of wood, a dynamic collection that combines technical innovation with a tactile aesthetic experience, a real tribute to Listone Giordano.


  • What is it? Fabrique Natural Genius, a new collection of wooden flooring.
  • What is special? Fabrique Natural Genius is twenty times more durable than standard parquet flooring and it has a sophisticated, tactile surface as well, inspired by elegant Italian textiles. The secret behind Fabrique is its layered intersecting fibres (patented by the profession Guglielmo Giordano); this makes the floor stable and non-deformable, especially suited for public spaces and areas with strong pedestrian traffic.
  • How is it made? The original idea results from a partnership between Marc Sadler and the owner of Listone Giordano, Margaritelli. Looking around the stacks of wood in the warehouse as well as studying different manufacturing techniques, inspired Marc Sadler to re-design the standard parquet floor. Listone Giordano’s aims to combine the natural word with man-made genius. In fact, the brand promotes this philosophy by working with the top designers around, who are encouraged to use wood, the traditional material par excellence, in an innovative way. So, the brand and the designer share a common purpose: Sadler's revolutionary project (that joins his previous work) focuses on technical innovation, analysing the real essence of wood and combining this with great design (without excluding the aesthetic and tactile side). The result is a monolithic surface, much more stable and resistant than standard wood, capable of creating a sophisticated and unique effect, which brings us back to the Italian aesthetic and design excellence. Fabrique is made by overlaying birch slats over intersecting fibres; this combined with diagonal cuts and micrometrically precise joints, make the said joints invisible and the parquet flooring non-deformable. Birch plywood is a revolutionary hi-tech material with a mechanical resistance similar to carbon, ideal not only for private homes but for public spaces and areas with strong pedestrian traffic as well. Fabrique is available in six different colours: Fumée Noir, Graphite, Ciment, Argile, Tabac and Corde, with a Oleonature finish and Crystalcare antibacterial technology, which protects the floor from microbes and pathogens.
  • Who is it by? Born in Austria, the French designer Marc Sadler splits his time between France, USA, Austria, Italy and Asia. Marc Sadler is a pioneer when it comes to experimenting with new materials and combining hi-tech with design; this eclectic designer has won a staggering 6 Compasso d’Oro as well as several coveted international awards.
  • We have chosen it because… Fabrique Natural Genius is more of a wooden textile than standard parquet flooring, with a sophisticated and sartorial elegance in perfect Italian style and unparalleled durability. If you like wooden floor, this will make you fall in love at first sight as the real essence of the material surfaces, creating a new material with a unique character.


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