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Firefly by De Padova, the luxury lantern

| Designbest editorial staff


h, how nice it’s to brighten up a summer’s evenings with an old lantern. However, we want to go one step further, as we are also looking for elegance and functionality. And this is exactly why we have chosen Firefly, the latest lamp by De Padova. Firefly by De Padova has a vintage-inspired look and cutting edge technology: Leds and usb port.


What is it? Firelfy by De Padova is a portable lantern with Leds.

What is special about it? Firefly has a distinct vintage vibe and cutting edge technology. In fact, this lamp has built-in Led technology and a rechargeable battery with usb port. Firefly is a modern take on retro design.  

How is it made? Casing in moulded grey glass, basket in genuine leather, base in black painted metal fitted with a 3W led light-bulb. Rechargeable battery with usb port.

Who is it by? Swedish designer Alexander Ahnebrink, who has worked and still works all around the world, from London to Milan, from Stockholm to Shanghai. In 2009, Alexander set up Aa Design, which ranges from product design, interior design and visual communication, as well as working in partnership with some of the most important brands in the field.

We have chosen it because… Firefly by De Padova has a distinct vintage vibe, as well as a cutting-edge soul. What’s more, Firefly brings together the same charm of times gone by and modern-day functionality, perfect for your living room or roof terrace. 

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