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B&B Italia, Flair O' armchair - design Monica Armani

| Designbest editorial staff


hic and practical, just as we like our chairs, this small domestic throne is a seat which embraces elegance and caters to comfort by reconciling charm and functionality.


  • What it is Flair O’ by B&B Italia, the throne chair.
  • What makes it special With sinuous forms and a distinct personality, this chair-throne reinterprets the classic chair with charm and becomes the cocooning piece for the dining room, living room, study and bedroom.
  • How it is made It has a swivel base (with automatic return) in the form of a truncated pyramid which widens on the backside to ensure greater stability. The padded structure has a tilting backrest and an enveloping form which increases the comfort of the seating. Plus, its fabric cover comes in many colors.
  • Whose idea it is Monica Armani, the Italian architect and designer born in Trento in 1964. Daughter of the architect Marcello Armani, a well-known figure of the Italian Rationalist movement, Monica works in architecture, interior design and product design with a contemporary flair which has led to successful collaborations with the major players in design. Her works stand out for the refined and sleek elegance of their forms and remarkable functionality.
  • We chose it because… Small yet determined, this swivel chair is becoming a haute couture alternative in the dining chair and study for its casual and confident look and indisputable comfort which make it impeccable and versatile in almost any space.



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