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Qeeboo, lamp Flash

| Designbest editorial staff


urn your torch upside down and hey presto, a new and extremely original table lamp: Flash by Qeeboo. This design by Studio Job, couldn’t have been anything other than original, fun and dramatic.


  • What is it? Flash by Qeeboo is a table lamp, also suitable for outdoors.
  • What is special about it? Inspired by a torch, Flash is an ironic take on a standard floor lamp. Fun and practical, Flash is a wireless lamp that is accessed via a remote control, therefore it can be used indoors and out.
  • How is it made? Flash is in matt see-through polyethylene, its torch-shaped body is available in the following colours: metallic gold and black-pearl, or lacquered in a choice of amber, black, green, orange, purple, red and white. Flash is a wireless rechargeable lamp (6-hour battery life), its Leds are switched on via a remote control.
  • Who is it by? Studio Job is an Amsterdam based design studio that has made a name for itself for its irreverent aesthetics. Pieces by Studio Job aim at breaking the boundaries of conventional design, without forgetting functionality.
  • We have chosen it because…  Flash plays with light, and as if by magic turns the intangible into the physical. In fact, Flash by Qeeboo has been successful in turning a simple cone of light into a dramatic design, equally suited to living rooms, bedrooms, terraces and verandas. 


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