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Living Divani, sofa Floyd-Hi 2 System - design Piero Lissoni

| Designbest editorial staff


iving Divani, the high-profile international design company, has made sophisticated, light and austere style its trademark. And the sofa it premiered in 2020 has gone on to confirm this. That same ethereal and refined vision of beauty, capable of being both casual and versatile, this year goes for sophisticated details and creates new traditions with a dynamic, experimental and timeless spirit.


  • What it is The brand new sofa from the Floyd, Floyd-Hi 2 System collection, bringing together restrained aesthetics, enveloping comfort and total modularity for an impeccable, tailormade living room.
  • What makes it special Fluid and reassuring forms, understated design and infinite composability: this sofa reinterprets classic taste with a contemporary vocation devoted to customization. It bestows us with exemplary elegance thanks to its high-quality materials and fine workmanship.
  • How it is made The Floyd-Hi 2 sofa sets itself apart for its armrest and backrest cushions set between its structure and seating, and includes the new addition single metal feet and the modular version Floyd-Hi 2 System. Made for creating customizable solutions that go for aesthetic restraint and absolute comfort, Floyd-Hi 2 System is perfect for high-quality home living rooms but also for sophisticated and experimental contract furniture projects.
  • Whose idea it is Piero Lissoni, the Milanese minimalist architect (but also interior and graphic designer). Austere, but with a light streak, he works by always aiming for freedom of expression that is capable of breaking the mold and rules in order to push the bounds of design. Speaking of his work, he says “I am first of all an architect, and that which governs me is the human body.”

We chose it because… At the heart of this project one can see a formal study that places man in relation to space and, therefore, turns the living room into an a truly living place of relationships, impressions and emotions. Elegance, refinement, comfort and singular aesthetics take care of the rest and transform the classic sofa into an exponent of an exclusive lifestyle.





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