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Carl Hansen & Søn, Folding Chair e Grandchild Chair

| Designbest editorial staff


olding Chair was originally designed in 1932 by Mogens Koch and Grandchild Chair was designed later on in 1960 for his youngest customers. These two director’s chairs have a distinct aesthetic: comfy, natural and in typical Scandinavian taste. What’s more, Folding Chair and Grandchild Chair are still extremely current and can be used individually or as part of a set, suitable for young and old alike.

  • What are they? Folding Chair and Grandchild by Carl Hansen & Son are director’s chairs in two different sizes.
  • What is special about them? Both chairs are still being manufactured in the same way as the original period design, nonetheless they are still relevant to modern-day life. And this is chiefly because: they are lightweight and easy to carry, they have a refined aesthetic, they are made from natural materials, they have an extreme attention to detail, they are part of set (one large and one small) and most importantly, they cheer us up. In fact, many years have passed by, and they still have the same charm and appeal of when they first came out, suitable for either young or old.
  • How are they made? The frame comes in either beech or mahogany, fabric seat and functional folding mechanism in brass rings. Both chairs fold, they can be easily carried around, however automatically become stable when you sit down.
  • Who are they by? Mogens Koch is a Danish architect , popular in the nineteenth century and renowned around the world for his revolutionary vision. His style is simple and natural, sometimes considered to be too unconventional for his time. Today, it’s an example of timeless Scandinavian taste.
  • We have chosen it because… Folding Chair and Grandchild Chair have the same charm of times gone by: the perfect seat for every occasion. They can be used as either stand alone pieces or as a set; this is a truly alluring quality.
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