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Freewall bookcase, design Riflessi Lab, Riflessi 2019

| Designbest editorial staff


elded metal, painted graphite, hand brushed brass: one of the most recognizable and functional pieces of furniture around, was transformed into a one-of-a-kind design, you are able to customize as you wish…


  • What is it  A modular bookcase/ room divider with a fixed frame, designed by Riflessi.
  • What is special  Freewall combines a simple, meticulous design, craftsmanship precision and luxury materials. Precious and minimalist at the same time, this piece of furniture is similar to an abstract sculpture that engages your creativity as you are able to customise its arrangement.
  • How is it made  Freewall is a line of structural shelves, suitable as a freestanding unit as well as a room divider. It’s composed by a structure in metal, painted graphite with a slender frame as well as individual, height-adjustable shelves in hand brushed brass, two alternative versions are available: a vertical bookcase (h 220 cm) and low shelves (h 70 cm), a practical addition to every room and particularly ideal for the space behind the living room sofa.
  • Who is it by  Freewall is designed by Riflessi Lab, the research and development centre of the Italian firm that creates all of its pieces. Consistent with the firm’s attention to the quality of the materials and its emphasis on traditional Italian craftsmanship, Riflessi is constantly increasing its range of products for a “total look” living room that includes the Freewall bookcase, introduced during the Salone del Mobile 2019.
  • We have chosen it because… With its simple design, its slender structure in dark metal and the precious golden reflections of its shelves in brass, Freewall has a sophisticated feel, meticulous and precious too that evokes times gone by, when luxury could be minimalist as well.
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