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Tap AK/25 Aboutwater, design Pail Sun Kim, Fantini.

| Designbest editorial staff


he XXVI Compasso d’Oro has been awarded to the AK/25 mixer of the Aboutwater collection  “for its solid structure, a severe, elegant and unexpected project, the result of the constructive dialogue between two Italian companies and an oriental designer”, as written by the jury in its justification.  This is the story of a joyous collaboration between three design greats, Fantini and Boffi—two Italian high-end design “manufacturers”—and Paik Sun Kim, the Korean painter and sculptor who prematurely passed away in 2017.

It is a project created by three great masters coming from different cultures, traditions and skills. Thanks to their capacity for dialogue and their great mutual respect, they found themselves united in sharing an extremely high-quality project both in terms of aesthetics and technology. Its aesthetic quality was pushed to that expressive boundary where an everyday object gets transformed into a work of art—an object that gives the space a new ethereal dimension.
It is only possible to achieve such an extraordinary result when genuine synergy is created between the manufacturer and the designer, as in the case of the AK/25 collection. Daniela Fantini, who leads the family business, told us that important modifications were made during the development phase of the product with Paik Sun Kim with respect to the original project thanks to a rare and precious instance of shared objectives.

We know this tap company, founded over 70 years ago in Pella on Lake Orta, and its passion for experimentation, its desire to innovate by taking risks, and its love for design and things made well. It does not surprise us that Fantini and Paik Sun Kim, together with Boffi, were able to create a product that represents the perfect balance between Oriental philosophy and contemporary aesthetics. A product that, as the company slogan goes, gives water its best shape; and gives our bathrooms a new, enviable, poetic and modern identity. 



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