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Moretti Compact, bed SC221 Night

| Designbest editorial staff


 hen we speak about the bedroom, the first thought goes to its star, the object that welcomes us at the end of the evening for a restorative sleep, accompanying us until the moment of waking.

Attention to the choice of the bed focuses on both its ergonomics and aesthetics. And textile beds offer a truly significant amount of versatility in customization through the choice of materials, but also from a design point-of-view with particular attention to the headboard. Moretti Compact offers a wide range of them including the SC221.


  • What it is SC221 by Moretti Compact is a bed made up of a Comfort Slim fabric bedframe matched with a textile Cross headboard.
  • What makes it special It is characterized by light and agile lines and a headboard with a geometric style that fits well with the idea of a modern and contemporary home.
  • How it is made The Comfort Slim bedframe has sides upholstered in fabric that are matched to the ones of the Cross headboard. Cross is an element that defines the style of the sleeping area thanks to the possibility of combining it with a wide range of textiles and eco-leathers available in the catalog. The headboard made up of five front pieces that can be matched with different colors and materials. They are removable, which ensures quick and easy sterilization with the use of mild detergents. The bed is L 177 / P 213.5 / H 110 cm (mattress 160x200 cm)
  • Whose idea it is The SC221 bed of the Night Collection, like the wide range of décor made for those who love contemporary interior design that is agile and versatile, comes from inside Moretti Compact—a leading company in the sector which can boast of a good fifty years of design and productive experience. Specialized in the area of furniture for the young, it has broadened its catalog by successfully entering into the world of home décor with forward-thinking ideas and solutions both in design and technology.
  • We chose it because it is an extremely versatile project that is ideal for those who love to often change their sleep style without giving up on comfort and ease in upkeep—an aspect which is more important than ever in the frenetic world that surrounds us.



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