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Galileo by Faber, hob with integrated kitchen hood

| Designbest editorial staff


inimal, yet perfectionist: with a clean design, this archetypal hob combines top technology with innovation. And there’s an ultra-efficient kitchen hood too.

  • What is it Galileo by Faber, a hob with an integrated kitchen hood.
  • What is special It’s compact, waterproof and has an imperceptible, integrated kitchen hood too. Thanks to a cast-iron grid, integrated in the glass top, you are able to easily move pots and pans from one side to the other of the stove. Besides, the central recessed unit frees up the space underneath for a large drawer.
  • How is it made It has a compact, recessed structure, a waterproof induction hob with an integrated cast-iron grid and kitchen hood as well as touch-slider control system. Energy class A+++.
  • Who is it by The Italian firm Faber is a leader in the field of kitchen hoods and induction hobs and incidentally, it’s the first company in the world to have manufactured kitchen hoods. The company’s selling points are “Made in Italy” excellence and great attention to detail from its design to technological innovation.
  • We have chosen it because… Clean, streamlined, elegant: this induction hob is the perfect example of a design-led piece, as its impeccable aesthetic combines innovation, hi-tech and practicality. With Galileo by Faber, add a touch of class to your everyday life.


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