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Sculptures Jeux, collection Giralot - design Stefano Bettio

| Designbest editorial staff


hey have a simple design that appears to have been reduced to a minimum, although they are smart and on trend. Giralot by Sculptures Jeux is a line of space-saving storage: simple, pivoting an extraordinary, they organize the space with a brilliant touch.


  • What is it Giralot by Sculptures Jeux, a collection of pivoting, space-saving pieces.
  • What is special Althoughsimply designed,this collection is extremely smart. Perfect for small spaces, all the pieces combine different shapes to help you keep everything tidy and hidden from plain sight, although always within reach. What’s the novelty aspect? Unexpectedly simple, all the pieces pivot on themselves, removing conventional doors.
  • How is it made All the pieces are composed by individual units that pivot by 180 degrees around a column in lacquered steel that is supported in turn by the floor and the ceiling. The doors are available in alternative styles such as untreated or stained oak veneer, Canaletto walnut or matt lacquer, various colours available. The collection includes a tallboy, two new styles of wardrobes with integrated coat hangers Giralot Closet and a shoe rack with integrated pocket emptier Giralot Mini.
  • Who is it by Born in 1975, the Italian designer Stefano Bettio finds his main source of inspiration in purist designers such as Achille Castiglioni, Alvar Aalto and Dieter Rams. His style is in fact the perfect combination of simplicity, contemporary aesthetic and functionality.
  • We have chosen it because… Have you ever grappled with a narrow entrance hall, a tiny bathroom, planning the use of a corridor all well as all those odd spaces that you could make better use of? This collection is therefore the answer to all of your problems, as in a mere couple of centimetres, it makes appear and disappear shelves and compartments to help you keep everything tidy and within reach. In addition, it has a young, dynamic and extremely contemporary style.



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