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Molteni&C, armadio Gliss Master

| Designbest editorial staff


hat should the perfect wardrobe be like? It should be modular, capacious and above all elegant.  And Gliss Master designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C has it all. Gliss Master comes in shantung, like an evening dress in raw silk, with doors available in a variety of different materials like Eco Skin, glass or even lacquered plaster. This wardrobe is a clear reference to haute couture.

  • What is it? Gliss Master by Molteni&C is an extremely elegant modular wardrobe.
  • What is special about it? Gliss Master is an extremely elegant piece, fitted with innovative technology. Gliss Master’s stresses the importance of top-quality details and finishes (surfaces are so beautiful you can’t help stroking them), it also makes a key feature out of sliding mechanisms, hinges and special ground-breaking shock absorbers. And what about the inside? Its well-finished, aesthetically pleasing and kitted out with everything you could possibly need.
  • How is it made? Modular components, two different depths (60 cm and 43 cm), new finishes in either white or grey shantung, which reference raw silk and Larix Moro. Gliss Master can be fitted with a choice of 9 different fronts: from traditional styles to recessed handles, from a lacquered plaster finish to a lateral band which extends the entire length of the door, from the Eco Skin to glass. Gliss Master is fitted with ground-breaking technology: sliding mechanism with magnetic shock absorbers, recessed hinges in a pewter finish and handles and internal fittings in top quality materials.
  • Who is by? Vincent Van Duysen is a Belgian architect and designer, his style is minimalist with clean and simple silhouettes. He’s best known for his careful material choice, in fact he always goes for sophisticated and elegant materials. And by doing so, he adds a subtle elegant touch to a more clean cut and classical style; this never goes out of fashion.
  • We have chosen it because?  Gliss Master is made using only top quality materials. This is also an extremely versatile piece, able to change appearance in a thousand of different ways. What’s more, Gliss Master is also extremely functional, fitted with ground-breaking technology. Therefore, a wardrobe such as this one is a sign of absolute refinement.  
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