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Faber, kitchen hood Glow - design Carlo Colombo

| Designbest editorial staff


luid, elegant, powerful and bright: a kitchen hood that focuses on design and innovation. Here, a standard kitchen hood is transformed into a sculptural piece, capable of stealing the stage and lighting-up the entire space (with its style and integrated lighting).


  • What is it Glow by Faber, a kitchen hood with integrated lighting.
  • What is special Especially designed for the living room, this kitchen hood serves as a chandelier too. Besides, it’s integrated with height-adjustable Up&Down technology, so it comes nearer the hob when need be.
  • How is it made It’s a kitchen hood/ lamp in black nickel with circular LED lighting and height-adjustable Up&Down technology, so it comes nearer the hob when need be. Energy class A, it works with a touch button and Airline technology that enables you to extract the air from the kitchen, although there isn’t a tube that directly connects the kitchen hood to the ceiling. The air in fact, is contained by airflow propelled by the kitchen hood’s engine and drawn from above. The secret lies in a second engine, recessed in a 30 cm-wide false ceiling that automatically sucks the air, expelling it outside thus removing it from circulation. Last but not least, it serves as a chandelier too thanks to powerful, warm light hidden in the lower section.
  • Who is it by Carlo Colombo is an Italian architect and designer born in 1967. An ambassador of Italian design around the world, he holds talks and conferences in Israel, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Ukraine, Australia, Russia, England, Brazil and China. Besides designing objects and pieces of furniture, Carlo Colombo focuses on marketing, art direction, graphic design, urban architecture and exhibition design.
  • We have chosen it because… It has an innovative interior and exterior too. On one hand, we have a cutting-edge soul with two engines, touch buttons and Up&Down technology and on the other, contemporary design with a fluid silhouette and circular LED lighting with hidden lighting that transforms it into a real chandelier.


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