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Table lamp Semplice 226, design Sam Hecht 2013, new finishes 2020, Oluce.

| Designbest editorial staff


ometimes all it takes is a gentle golden reflection reverberating throughout the room, a soft shade that lingers and spreads, filling the space with its magic. This is the marvel created by precious metals, those symbols of wealth and luxury par excellence, reminders of the sun, luminosity and joie de vivre.

Putting it into furniture is a delicate subject (the risk of tasteless luxury), it takes balance and prudence to embellish and enhance a space with elegance. A “golden” rule (an unavoidable pun) is to limit ourselves to small touches, reserving a golden finish for the smallest objects in our homes like accessories, furnishings and especially for lamps— objects already made to shine and bring light to our sofas, armchairs, bookshelves and tables. Oluce—whose founder Giuseppe Ostuni, along with the incredible genius of his exceptional designer Joe Colombo, made modern lighting history—has experimented with the aesthetic possibilities of enhancing the finishes of some of their designer lamps, whose color palates were limited in their first editions.

They start from the iconic Colombo lamp family of the early seventies and arrive to a selection of lamps recently produced together with the designers Francesco Rota, Sam Hecht, and Daniele Ruzza together with Silvana Angeletti. Oluce has developed new glazes and satin gold and anodized bronze finishes that play on the contrast of the textures and colors by experimenting with the dynamics that are created in a combination between minimalist and luxurious finishes. To see the results, we went to check them out one by one. 




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