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Moretti Compact, bed SC208 Kids

| Designbest editorial staff


n the thrilling experience of being a parent, nothing is like watching one’s children grow up. The truth is that it happens so quickly that you almost don’t realize it. And one day you find young students in front of you with lots of commitments and interests. Thinking long-term is the best attitude in accompanying them through their changes and evolution. The bed belongs to a series of everyday objects that should be chosen with prudence and with a capacity to be modified. Moretti Compact, the company specialized in furniture for the young, offers a wide range of solutions including a sommier bed in the Kids collection, the perfect interpreter of the in-progress demands of its young users.


  • What it is SC208 Kids by Moretti Compact is a bed with a simple design, playing on immediately understandable geometry that is perfectly integrable into the bedroom. It creates a modern and fresh atmosphere that is fit for the creative energy of the young.
  • What makes it special It is a padded bed with a young look. The use of fabrics and colors make it versatile and mature for its functionality and efficiency. Conceived as a sommier bed, it offers an indispensable storage space for those little rooms that have to fight for every centimeter available.
  • How it is made The bed is made up of a Comfort High Box bedframe paired with Tetris panels. It is a part of the Kids Collection by Moretti Compact. The cotton upholstery is available in various colors. The bed, equipped with a storage space below, is L 115.2 / P 220 / H 125.3 cm (mattress 90x200 cm)
  • Whose idea it is The SC208 bed, like the wide range of décor solution for children and adolescents, comes from inside Moretti Compact— a leading company in the sector which can boast of a good fifty years of design and productive experience. Its current manufacturing, adhering to international safety standards and supported by unprecedented technological and software advancement, recalls the latest concepts in décor in its colors and forms.
  • We chose it because it perfectly interprets the vital energy of the young and their need to be in a space that is capable of growing together with them. The bed plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing rest and facilitating other activities like reading or listening to music. It is indispensable for its capacity of being versatile and multitasking.



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