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Bauxt, armoured door Grand Superior S16

| Designbest editorial staff


eady for your holidays? If you worry about leaving your home unattended, take a leaf from your book: go for a top-of-the-line burglar-proof door. Grand Superior by Bauxt is a striking example of Made in Italy design.


  • What is it? Grand Superior by Bauxt, is an armoured door with glass panel.
  • What is special about it? It looks like any other door, although it’s an armoured door with a glass panel. Elegant, unique and top quality, in perfect Italian style.
  • How is it made? Grand Superior is made from a lacquered MDF panel, chrome handle, clear-glass panel and class 3 burglar-proof system. Simply installed, it has innovative hidden hinges so the door opens by 100°. Various styles available, without glass panel as well.
  • Who is it by? Started in 1984 in Udine, northeast Italy,Bauxt is a manufacturer of tailor-made, armoured doors, made in Italy from start to finish. The brand focuses of safety, innovation, versatility and sustainability, every design is tailor-made.
  • We have chosen it because… It has a light (but very sturdy), elegant and contemporary aesthetic and even gives us the luxury of a view of the outside. This armoured door combines personal safety with top design as well as being burglar-poof.


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