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Casalgrande Padana, collection Green Tech

| Designbest editorial staff


magine having a Russian vine on the roof terrace or a wall-to-wall vertical garden. Then, take a look at this tile series in porcelain stoneware. Pretty, as real leaves, and pollution-proof too, exactly as mother nature.

  • What is it Green Tech by Casalgrande Padana is the pollution-proof tile series in porcelain stoneware.
  • What is special about it Green Tech is integrated with special technology that interacts with the sunlight to reduce the polluting agents in the air that are in turn washed by rainwater.
  • How is it made Green Tech is integrated with Bios Self Cleaning®, When there’s sunlight, Bio Self Cleaning exploits the principles of photosynthesis to attack and remove the polluting particles in the air that in turn are removed by rainwater. The series is suitable for new builds as well as refurbishment projects, the tiles are 6,5 mm thick and 120x240 cm.
  • Who is it by Started in 1960, Casalgrande Padana is an Italian manufacturer of porcelain stoneware tiles. Innovation and technology are the brand’s strong points that incidentally was one of the pioneers of bioactive ceramics, capable of interacting with the environment.
  • We have chosen it because… Green Tech by Casalgrande Padana takes its cues from the natural world and enhances its qualities too. It improves the state of the surrounding environment as well as the quality of people’s lives: state of the art green innovation.


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