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Magis, kids' chair Happy Bird

| Designbest editorial staff

Happy Bird by Magis is a large scale stylized bird, available in white, orange and yellow. It's the newest piece in the Mee Too furniture line. Happy Bird has a silhouette inspired by cartoon characters; designed having kids in mind. What's more, it's also a great hit with parents.

  • What is it? Happy Bird is an unconventional seat; a stylized bird. Happy Bird was originally designed as kids' furniture.
  • What is special about it? Happy Bird is an unconventional seat, but above all a toy, which inspires role playing and infinite magical adventures. Happy Bird is ideal for both indoors and out.  
  • How is it made? Happy Bird has a polyethylene body and legs in solid unstained ash-wood. It's available in three block colours: white, yellow and orange. Happy Bird is part of the Mee Too kids' furniture series. 
  • Who is it by? Happy Bird is designed by Eero Aarnio, a Finnish designer renowned for truly innovative pieces. Aarnio mainly uses brightly coloured plastic to design bold, fun and unconventional products. Happy Bird is essentially a large scale bird, inspired by animals found in his home town of Veikkola (30 km from Helsinki).
  • We have chosen it because‚Ķ  Happy Bird has definitely brought back happy childhood memories and need for fun and games. This seat is ideal for both indoors and out. And kids can also play with it. What's more, it brightens up any home, adding a fun detail. 


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