Bocca® 50th unlimited edition - design Studio65  (ph: courtesy Gufram)

| Designbest editorial staff


occa, the legendary sofa designed in 1970 by Studio65 for Gufram, turns fifty. And it does so in an Unlimited edition. The most sensual lips from the seventies, inspired by American actress Mae West, after having been pierced and shown off in a fuchsia and noir look, have now come back to provoke us with 25 multicolor lipsticks.

Oft-imitated and highly celebrated by renowned photographers like Richard Avedon or David Lachapelle, who have photographed it with 20th century style icons like Heidi Klum, Claudia Cardinale, Elsa Schiapparelli and Anne Hathaway, present throughout the world in important museums or on the tours of famous singers like Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue and Kate Perry, Bocca is without a doubt an icon of Radical Design and by now part of the collective imagination like a work of art or celebrity.

Its beauty originates from the two captivating actresses who inspired it: Mae West’s full lips (based on the inspiration of Salvador Dalì who painted her in 1935) and Marylin Monroe’s lipstick, recalled by the name of the client (also Marylin) who commissioned this sofa.

Perhaps it’s the tiny and sexy imperfections that, by looking up-close, reveal two slightly different corners (just like human lips) that win one over on first sight. But it could also be its avant-garde soul, as it’s made in polyurethane foam, a material that until then had only been used by the automobile and military sectors.

Provocative, visionary, flirtatious and pop, Bocca invites us to celebrate its 50th birthday by once again renewing its look with a special fabric, a specific wool yarn that is more textural and structured and absorbs light in an unprecedented way. It offers us a pleasant, natural and tactile sensation in 25 colors that range from sun yellow to cobalt blue, bright orange, meadow green, gray and beige.

 “Bocca is among the most sought-after, cherished and imitated products in the sector” states Gufram with pride. We can fully affirm this statement because this 212-cm long sex symbol is truly a cult symbol that maintains, despite its years, all of its appeal.



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