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Vitra, Panton Chrome + Panton Glow

| Designbest editorial staff


years; this is the milestone reached by the Panton Chair, in other words the iconic chair designed in 1968 by Verner Panton for Vitra. The celebrations began as early as 2017, with a Limited Edition chair painted in “sunlight” and now, on its official fiftieth anniversary, the Panton Chair comes out with two new looks. 

Two unreleased designs, available in a Limited Edition: Panton Chrome and Panton Glow. The first designs pays tribute to Verner Panton's great passion for mirrored surfaces, whereas the second pieces references (thanks to a contribution of Verner’s wife Marianne Panton) the famous installation Visiona 2 made by the designer itself in 1970, in which walls and ceilings appear to be lit from the inside with a psychedelic effect.

he famous chair with its liquid silhouette, a symbol of fifties’ design and  sinuous line, symbol of the design of the Fifties and an undeniable icon, as always it’s true to its philosophy: to transform and renew itself in time, outliving current fads and fashions. Confirming, once again, that we are talking about a cutting-edge product.

What about the history of the Panton Chair? At the beginning (we are in the early sixties), Panton was only a concept, or rather one of Verner Panton's obsessions that seemed impossible to achieve. But thanks to Vitra's tenacity that, 7 years later, the futuristic blueprint became a polyester cantilever chair with resin-fibre and polyurethane (replaced with injection-moulded polypropylene, painted and entirely recyclable), which played a crucial role in shaping modern design history.

Design and innovation; this is what has contributed in making the Panton Chair become a timeless piece. In fact, apart from having a unique type of finish, the new Limited Edition chairs are built with ground breaking technology. The original Panton Chair was painted in Panton Chrome, which included metal particles and resulted from a new painting technique patented by Vitra. Whereas, the Limited Edition chairs are painted in Panton Glow, namely fluorescent pigments that are painted on the shell by hand and have  protective glossy coating formed by 5 layers of paint, which captures light during the day and makes the chair shine at night.

So, happy birthday to the Panton Chair! Once again, you bring an extraordinary stylish touch to our homes, as well as having what it takes to take your rightful place in contemporary design history.


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