Living Divani, Twin armchair - designer Piero Lissoni

| Designbest editorial staff


win, the monolithic armchair designed by Piero Lissoni for Living Divani in 2001, turns 20.

Compact, rigorous, geometric and unconventional, this “cubic” armchair redefines the standards of enveloping comfort. Its square perimeter and deep, narrow seat envelop and enwrap the body in a composed and formal position.

It has nothing to do with those sinuous, soft and organic forms that give free expression to comfort. Its design focuses completely on masculine austerity; and indeed, one can immediately recognize the decisive and elegant touch of Piero Lissoni, the designer whose timeless and classic style remains contemporary twenty years on.

On this occasion, and as always, Twin exhibits its vibrant appeal and highlights it with a velvet powder blue dress (completely removable) and feet with a metallic shine, like a real modern-day princess. Yet another coquettish touch to celebrate itself without going too far, as Twin needs nothing more than its innate charm.



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