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Duravit, collection Happy D.2 - design Sieger Design

| Designbest editorial staff


he collections Happy D.2 and D.2 Plus by Duravit are authentic icons of the contemporary bathroom. They set themselves apart for the pure and organic geometry of their forms and the rigorous attention given to proportions and technical details. A perfect fusion between a washbasin’s vanity unit and the washbasin itself, with soft contours and rounded corners, makes up the stylistic vocabulary of the entire collection. It is a purist’s language with refined design that looks to emphasize the visual effects of the finishes together with the tactile and sensorial quality of the surfaces.


  • What it is  Happy D.2 Plus by Duravit is a technological evolution of the Happy D.2 bathroom collection that concerns the washbasin area in particular. It is an evolution that raises the functional and aesthetic performance of the entire collection by giving the bathroom a design that enhances its innovative character. 
  • What makes it special  C-shaped technology, already available in other Duravit series, and a natural evolution of the previous c-bonded one. This production technology ensures a perfect run between the rounded form of the ceramic basin and the furniture below.
  • How it is made  In the Happy D.2 Plus collection the washbasin is made in DuraCeram® which, with c-shaped production, offers the advantages of a ceramic glaze with completely new design. In the 2020 version in particular, the glossy white ceramic is matched to a vanity unit or floor-standing metal console. Available in three sizes, the vanity unit is characterized by flat and thin bowls and integrated faucet contours. It looks perfect seen from every angle and the connections are “invisible” thanks to a white acrylic cover.
  • Whose idea it is  The design comes from the award-winning Studio Sieger Design, who has revolutionized the world of bathroom design over the years. Led by brothers Christian and Michael Sieger, the studio develops strategies and integrated projects for branding, products and architecture for internationally famed companies like Dornbracht, Duravit and Trilux. The studio favors an interdisciplinary approach and hosts a staff specialized in the fields of communication, technology, and design. 
  • We chose it because…  the collection not only remains a must in Duravit’s product line (with almost 20 years of success) but continues to evolve and get updated for improvements in its performance, materials and quality. Confirming that a well-designed product or collection never goes through a crisis. 




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